Top Rolling Shutters

Benfy automates all window coverings and access controls for homes, hotels, commercial buildings, malls and infrastructural spaces.

Top Rolling Shutter

Comfort, Security, Privacy, Storm Protection & Energy Savings- All at the touch of a button. Rolling shutters provides peace of mind all the while enhancing your lifestyle. Complement your home's decor while providing an added measure of security and privacy. You can now protect your home/Commercial space from extreme wind, heat and cold waves, and secure it automatically. Reduce noise, manage artificial light, and insulate your home with the confidence and convenience.

Obstacle Detection

If an object is detected while the rolling shutters are in a lowering motion, the motor will stop automatically and retract back upwards, protecting people and property.

Perfect closure

Roller shutter maximum openness and complete closure settings are automatically maintained by the motor to ensure total opening and secured closure each time.

Frost Protection

Motors provide increased resistance to rolling shutter lifting attempts (e.g. by a person, wind, water, debris, etc.).

Enhanced Security

Motors include an automatic roller shutter power down feature if the slats become frozen in cold weather.